Specialist Sectors

Charities and non-profit making organisations

Our clients include numerous Registered Charities, charitable companies and unregistered charities. We can offer audit services to these organisations and prepare accounts which comply with the Charity Statement of Recommended Practice. We also advise on VAT and tax issues specific to the charity sector.


Pension Schemes

Our clients include defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes. We can carry out pension scheme audits, liaise with your actuaries and ensure that the scheme accounts comply with the requirements of the Statement of Recommended Practice for Pension Schemes.



We act for many clubs registered under the Industrial and Provident and Friendly Society rules. We also act for unregistered clubs and Community Amateur Sport Clubs. Our services include accounts preparation, audit and assistance with the Financial Conduct Authority reporting requirements.



We understand the reporting requirements that are specific to our GP practices, both for sole trade and partnership practices. We can also assist with the completion of annual superannuation forms.


Travel Agents

Our clients include businesses operating as travel agents and we can assist with preparing accounts which comply with both the ABTA and IATA reporting requirements.



As a local Yorkshire firm, we have a client base that includes a number of farm businesses. We can help you to understand the options available to value your livestock, assist with VAT matters and help you to obtain the correct capital treatment for the disposal of farm assets.


Credit Unions

We have experience of auditing and preparing accounts for credit unions.


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